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Comprehensive Audiological Evaluation
A comprehensive audiological evaluation includes air and bone conduction audiometry, speech audiometry, and immittance (middle ear evaluation).

Audiological Monitoring

Audiological monitoring is performed to monitor hearing thresholds for oncology patients or for individuals exposed to noise in the work placeA baseline audiological evaluation is performed before further treatments or exposure to noise. Hearing thresholds are then continually monitored for any changes in hearing thresholds.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

OAE testing is an objective method of measuring “echoes” produced by the outer hair cells of the inner ear. This test helps us determine if the inner ear is functioning properly and can reveal signs of hearing loss earlier than standard testing.

Vestibular Evaluation

A vestibular evaluation analyzes a person’s central and peripheral balance systems. Testing may include VNG (Video-nystagmography), VAT (Vestibular Autorotation testing), and/or torsional swing testing. These tests will be prescribed by your physician.

Hearing Aid Consultation
A hearing aid consultation is an informative discussion regarding hearing aids and candidacy. You will receive an overview of hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and receive answers to all your hearing aid questions. If appropriate, an In-office demonstration will be performed. You must have a complete hearing test within the past six months. This is a complimentary appointment.

Hearing Aids
We offer a variety of the most sophisticated digital technology from the hearing aid manufactures Oticon, Starkey, and Siemens. Our hearing aid package includes the hearing aid fitting, programming, cleaning and checks for 1 year, as well as complimentary batteries for the first year.

Hearing Aid Programming

Hearing aids are programmed utilizing a computer and manufacturer’s software when a patient needs an adjustment (such as volume or memories). We currently program Oticon, Starkey, and Siemens hearing aids. You must have a hearing test within the past 6 months.

Hearing Aid Services
We offer In-house repairs, checks, and cleanings of all hearing aids. Currently we offer out of office repairs for hearing aids under warranty from Oticon, Starkey, and Siemens. All other manufacturers can be repaired through our facility but if it is under warranty there will still be a charge from the repair company.

Custom Earmold Products
We fit custom ear molds for hearing aids, hearing protection, swimming, musicians, cell phones, iPods and more. An appointment for earmold impressions must be made so we can take an exact impression of the ear canal.

Swim molds
iPhone / iPod ear molds
Noise Protection Ear Plugs (ie. Shooter's plugs)
Musician's Ear Plugs
Pilot's Ear Plugs

Hearing Aid Supplies and Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
Hearing aid batteries, moisture control devices, and cleaning tools can be purchased from our office. Assistive listening devices for telephones, alarm clocks, TVs, personal FM systems and more are also available. If there is something specific you are looking for please call and we will do our best to help you.