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Hives Specialist


ENT Physician & Allergists located in Ashbrook Commons, Ashburn, VA

Itchy red welts or spots called hives can suddenly appear after you eat a food you’re allergic to, take some medications, or touch something your skin is sensitive to. The experts at ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC in Ashburn, Virginia, offer treatments for allergies that cause hives. They can also help you manage the symptoms. Schedule your evaluation today over the phone or online.

Hives Q & A

What are hives?

Hives are a common allergic reaction affecting the skin. Also called urticaria, hives typically look like pale pink bumps or spots on your skin. They come with swelling and usually itch.

Most cases of hives are acute, meaning they last for six weeks or less. However, some hives are chronic, lasting much longer. It’s usually harder to identify the cause of chronic hives. But they can be caused by a severe underlying condition like thyroid disease or hepatitis. Acute hives are caused by allergic reactions or sensitivities.

If you regularly get hives and don’t know what causes them, the team at ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC offer several skin tests to identify the allergens causing your hives. Blood tests are also available but aren’t as quick or reliable in leading to a correct diagnosis.

What causes hives?

There are many allergens and substances you encounter that can cause you to break out in hives. For the most part, they come from things you either touch or swallow. But they can also come from substances or circumstances aside from allergies.

The ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC team asks questions and might complete allergy tests to find out what’s causing your hives. Things that cause allergies include:

  • Peanuts
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Insect stings or bites
  • Latex
  • Certain medications
  • Irritation caused by excess sweating

Sometimes, determining the cause of symptoms like hives is next to impossible. If they can’t find the cause of your hives, the team at ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC might still be able to find a suitable treatment to manage your symptoms.

How are hives treated?

After completing a brief evaluation to determine the cause of your hives, the team at ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC develops a plan to manage your allergy or sensitivity and help you avoid getting hives.

In some cases, you can avoid getting hives simply by avoiding the substances or actions that trigger them. Since it isn’t always easy or possible to find out what causes your hives, and since some causes are hard to avoid, the team at ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC could recommend that you take antihistamines for temporary relief.

If allergy testing leads to answers about your hives, you can consider immunotherapy to build your tolerance to the allergen causing them. Weekly allergy shots and daily allergy drops are both options that can help gradually reduce your allergic reactions.

If you get hives and would like to schedule an evaluation, call ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC today or book an appointment online.