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Hearing Aids Specialist


ENT Physician & Allergists located in Ashbrook Commons, Ashburn, VA

A hearing aid amplifies sound so that you can clearly hear someone who’s talking to you. At ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC in Ashburn, Virginia, the team provides hearing aids for many kinds of hearing loss, including mild and severe cases. To schedule a consultation for hearing aids, call the office today or book our appointment online.

Hearing Aids Q & A

What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids are corrective hearing devices. They improve or restore your ability to hear. The device uses a three-part system, including a microphone, amplifier, and speaker, to make the sounds that enter your ears louder and clearer. And they’re adjustable to suit your specific needs.

Many kinds of hearing aids are available. Today’s hearing aids are far more advanced than those of just a decade ago. Today’s hearing aids offer:

  • Digital noise reduction to differentiate between speech and noise
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation to detect and cancel microphone feedback
  • Directional microphones to reduce sounds from behind you or to the side
  • Digital signal processing to analyze and classify sound signals

With features like these, modern hearing aids are convenient, comfortable, and easy to use. After receiving your hearing aid from ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC, it doesn’t take long for you to adapt to wearing it and caring for it.

What kind of hearing aid is right for me?

Hearing aids come in several styles and types. The team at ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC is happy to answer your questions about them. They recommend hearing aids based on the kind of hearing loss you’ve suffered, how severe it is, and your own preferences about how the hearing aid looks and feels.

Available hearing aid styles include:

Completely in the canal (CIC)

These are the smallest hearing aids you can get. CIC hearing aids are next to invisible to others because the whole device fits in your ear canal. They’re a great choice if you have mild to moderate hearing loss since they don’t amplify sound as much as other styles.

In the canal (ITC)

ITC hearing aids are a bit larger than CIC models. They fill about half your ear canal. People standing right next to you can see them if they look at your ear.

In the ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are larger and more powerful than CIC and ITC hearing aids. They fit completely in your ear but are visible from the outside.

Behind the ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids are made up of the main shell that houses the technology. This part sits behind the ear and connects using a small tube to an earmold that fits in your ear.

Open fit BTE

Open fit BTE hearing aids work for moderate to severe hearing loss and use the same general concept as BTE hearing aids. However, the connecting tube between the main shell and earmold is very thin.

Can I prevent hearing loss?

Not all kinds of hearing loss are preventable, but a specific kind called noise-induced hearing loss is. You can avoid developing noise-induced hearing loss by avoiding loud environments. Also, set your headphone volume at low to medium and wear earplugs when you expect to be in a noisy setting.

Whether your hearing loss is mild, moderate, or severe, there’s a hearing aid that can help. Call ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, PC today or book your appointment online.